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Roger & Vicki Uthmann

Roger & Vicki Uthmann


Roger & Vicki grew up in agriculture and owned/operated a dairy farm for 20 years. Their experience in the dairy industry and their cow-calf ranch guide the feedlot operation which the family bought in 2015. Their attention to detail, involvement, and passion for cattle, give a high-quality touch to our business. They live on the ranch in Virginia Dale that was homesteaded by Vicki's family in 1903. Adding Mountain View Meats was a great way to serve the community that the Uthmanns have lived in for many, many decades. 




Chad & Nicole Uthmann, Tyler & Jace

(Owners & Owners-In-Training)

Chad, Nicole, Tyler Jace, Uthmann

Raising boys and being self-employed has turned out to be a crazy, but a rewarding lifestyle. In addition to the cattle operations, Chad also does local hauling and forestry work with their other businesses. Nicole is in charge of accounting and the meat sales and marketing.

Tyler and Jace are involved in the ranch and feedlot, feeding cattle, scraping pens, and owning cattle that are part of MVM. After high school graduation in 2022, Tyler has stepped into more managing of the operation. They are also involved in 4-H and FFA, and enjoy operating equipment and woodworking or welding projects. Faith and family are important components to creating a business that has integrity and character.

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 The Beef

1930s Feeding at Sawmill
Mountain View Meats traces its origins all the way back to when the family first came to Virginia Dale in North Central Colorado in 1903. The ranch, nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, has been continuously operated to present day. Since then, the family has gained decades of farming experience, raising cattle and passing down the lessons and traditions learned. The addition of the feedlot provided a way for control and overseeing the cattle from calf to finish, allowing confidence that the cattle were being fed and cared for with best practices. The cattle are in good hands with our family and team, as well as having their own cattle nutritionist and consulting veterinarians consistently involved.  In 2020, when the pandemic was causing shutdowns in the meatpacking and processing industry, the Uthmanns were unable to sell their cattle to their typical buyers. At the same time, members of the community reached out in need of food for their families. Seeing their community’s need for quality food products, Mountain View Meats shifted their business to selling direct, providing the community with the opportunity to purchase premium beef from the source.
Uthmann Cows & Calves on Mill Creek Ranch
Today, the Uthmanns are proud to be raising their animals humanely and working to feed their community.  The family is guided by their Christian values of caring for their neighbor, the land they cultivate, and the animals on their ranch. Keeping these values at heart, Mountain View Meats looks to continue to grow and offer its customers even more choices.

They addBear Mountain Beef USDA Beef Processored their own beef processing facility so that they can oversee every step of the process to ensure the highest quality.  Bear Mountain Beef in Hawk Springs, WY, opened in December 2021 when small processing facilities were in high demand. They are USDA-Inspected and age our beef for 14+ days. Their partners, Mac & Celsie Sussex, run and oversee the operation. Our small family owned and operated businesses can provide high-quality beef...

from our family to yours.