Gathering cattle on horse at Mill Creek Ranch, Virginia Dale, CO

Artisan Hand-Carved Beef from our Family to Yours

As a mom raising my children and having our own businesses, I understand the challenges of managing great meals and a lack of time. I am not a cook, and I struggle with preparing family meals. In my chaotic schedule, I don’t plan ahead for grocery trips.  Starting with premium beef that is stocked up in my freezer makes great tasting meals easier.  I can grill up steaks, brown ground beef, or put a roast in the crock pot. Just like many parents, I desire high quality proteins and want the security of being supplied and prepared for months.

Buying directly from the cattle producer is a sustainable and greater quality option than buying from the grocery stores.  We offer premium, all-natural beef, with no added additional hormones. Our cattle have a nutritionist that creates well-balanced rations of a variety of forages to provide amazing flavor. They are handled humanely and well taken care of whether at our ranch or in our feed yard.  We incorporate new techniques while honoring our western ranching tradition. Because our cattle stay local, you are supporting hard-working families, a local economy of small businesses, and less environmental impact by cutting out the multiple corporate middle-businesses.

Ordering a bundle or ½ of beef from Mountain View Meats is easy and provides your family with great tasting, healthy beef without several trips to the grocery store. Have the peace of mind that you have stocked up for the future while investing in local small agriculture. 

From our family to yours,

Nicole and the Uthmann Family, Owners

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  • We bought 2 sides from them already. Great deal and painless to order and then give instructions for your cut, then ya go pick it up! When we need more we will go right back here! Great people, awesome place, and lots of cattle around! Stock up your freezers before winter.   

    -Anne Costanzo

  • I don't think I will ever buy beef from a store again. Everything I make with the beef we bought tastes so much better!!

    –Andrea Steele

  • Hey just wanted to say your beef is great. I pan seared then the oven cooked a filet Mignon. Some of the best, melt in your mouth beef ever. Thanks." 

    -Maureen W

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