Why Buy Bulk Beef?

Why Buy Bulk Beef?

Written by Bridget Reed

Are you tired of constantly running to the store for beef? Do you want to save money on high-quality cuts that are perfect for delicious meals? Our article will walk you through the benefits of buying bulk beef and show you exactly why it's worth exploring this option. Stick around to learn more!

Explanation of bulk beef

When you buy beef in bulk, you're getting a large quantity of meat at once. This could mean purchasing half a beef or even an entire cow. Many choose this route for several benefits, such as saving costs and ensuring a steady supply of high-quality meat.

Customers appreciate the opportunity to tailor their orders when buying in bulk. It allows them to choose precisely what they like, from ground beef for the perfect burgers to selecting bone-in chuck roasts and briskets.

There's something truly special about having the choice to pick exactly what suits your family's taste preferences. Additionally, making these bulk purchases supports local farmers, which helps keep money within our community and promotes sustainability.

Benefits of Buying Bulk Beef

Buying bulk beef is a savvy choice for those seeking quality and value. It guarantees savings, ensures fresh cuts at your convenience, and supports local farmers, all while offering a range of customization options to suit your preferences.


Purchasing beef in large quantities can save you a lot of money over time. It's much cheaper to buy directly from a rancher like Mountain View Meats than getting your meat from a grocery store.

This way, you get more for every dollar you spend. Plus, having plenty of beef on hand means you're prepared for any meal without the need to run out shopping.

Getting your meat in bulk ensures that quality doesn't come with a high price tag. You'll have access to top-notch cuts ranging from sirloin tips to skirt steaks and everything in between, all while keeping your budget happy.

This approach not only supports local farming but also provides an economical solution to staying stocked up on delicious, grass-fed meats for longer periods.

Quality and freshness

After saving money on bulk beef, let's talk about the meat's quality and freshness. These are crucial for tasty, healthy meals. Mountain View Meats takes pride in offering top-notch beef.

Our careful selection process ensures only the best cuts reach your table. The animals' diet and care affect how good the beef is. We feed them grass and hay, which boosts the flavor of our pork chops, short ribs, ham steaks, and hamburger.

Our firsthand experience shows that fresh meat makes all the difference in cooking unforgettable meals. We handle every step – from choosing the right animals to processing their meat under strict Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) guidelines.

This attention to detail means you get delicious and safe beef every time you cook with our products.

Customization options

Here, you can pick the exact beef cuts you want, from tenderloins to chuck. It's all about choosing what best fits your meal plans and cooking preferences. This way, every piece of meat waiting in your freezer is something you're excited to cook.

Having the ability to choose from different options like grass-fed tri-tip or smoked meats changed how I plan my meals each week. It goes beyond just having beef on hand; it's about having the perfect cut for any occasion, whether it’s a casual family meal or a big celebration.

Being able to select precisely what you want makes buying beef in bulk not just convenient but truly enjoyable.


Transitioning from the benefits of customization options to the aspect of convenience, when purchasing beef in bulk, convenience is a major factor for many customers. The ability to have a steady supply of high-quality beef readily available at home creates peace of mind and reduces the frequency of trips to the grocery store.

Furthermore, having various cuts conveniently packaged and stored makes meal preparation easier and more efficient, ultimately saving time for busy individuals or families.

Additionally, subscribing to our newsletter provides access to exclusive promotions and updates on new offerings directly in your inbox, making it effortless to stay informed about our latest grass-fed beef options and limited-time deals.

Support for local farmers

Supporting local farmers by purchasing bulk beef ensures a steady supply of high-quality meat and contributes to the sustainability and growth of the local community. Choosing locally sourced beef allows consumers to support small-scale farming operations, fostering economic resilience and promoting a transparent relationship between customers and producers.

It also enables consumers to make choices that align with their values while enjoying fresh, premium cuts.

Our Bulk Beef Options

Explore our diverse range of bulk beef options, including whole, half, and quarter choices. Customize your order with the perfect cutting and packaging for your needs. Indulge in a variety of cuts sourced from sustainable local farms.

Whole, half, and quarter options

Bulk beef buyers have a range of options to choose from, including whole, half, and quarter shares. Choosing a whole or half cow offers a wide selection of cuts and provides the best value.

Prices remain consistent regardless of quantity ordered (usually around $550-$650). Opting for larger shares not only saves money but also provides customization and access to fresh meats.

Additionally, consider our tailored cutting and packaging service for more savings and convenience in getting your preferred beef portioned exactly as you want it!

Custom cutting and packaging

Custom cutting and packaging services at Mountain View Meats cater to individual needs, allowing customers to select specific cuts for different cooking purposes. Expert butchers meticulously package and label each cut, providing a personalized selection of beef tailored to suit your family's culinary preferences perfectly.

Whether it's tender steaks or juicy roasts, the service has you covered.

Opting for custom cutting and packaging offers the freedom to choose from an array of cuts tailored to your liking and enjoy the convenience of having them portioned exactly as per your requirements.

Variety of cuts available

Discover a wide variety of beef cuts here, offering options to suit different tastes and cooking methods. Whether you prefer brisket, flank, loin, rib, round, or short plate cuts, we have something for everyone.

Enjoy a selection of chuck cuts such as ground chuck, shoulder tender medallions, and pot roast portions. Elevate your meals with flat-iron steak or chuck short ribs available in quarter or half beef orders.

Choose from sub-primal selections like beef ribs and brisket prepared in various delicious ways including corned beef and pot roasts.

Sustainable and locally sourced

Sustainable and locally sourced beef supports local farmers and promotes ethical and eco-friendly practices. This boosts economic sustainability within the community and contributes to environmentally friendly options.

Choosing locally sourced beef in bulk is a step towards sustainable living while ensuring high-quality standards are met.

Why Choose Mountain View Meats

Why Choose Mountain View Meats

When it comes to high-quality beef, look no further than Mountain View Meats. Our commitment to providing locally-sourced, sustainable meat underpins our dedication towards supporting local farmers and delivering exceptional customer service.

High-quality beef

When it comes to high-quality beef, nothing beats the taste and satisfaction that comes with each bite. Our carefully selected and meticulously prepared beef options are tailored to meet your needs.

With grass-fed cattle sourced from local farmers, we ensure that our customers receive top-notch products every time they choose Mountain View Meats.


Customized options for purchasing bulk beef are essential. Whether choosing specific cuts, requesting custom packaging, or personalizing orders to meet unique preferences, our team is ready to assist.

Various cutting styles, packaging options, and the ability to select exact quantities of each cut cater to individual requirements - creating a truly personalized experience.

Competitive Pricing

Now, let's discuss the pricing. They provide very competitive rates for purchasing beef in large quantities, ensuring you get excellent value for your money. Additionally, by prioritizing local farmers and offering high-quality grass-fed beef, you can be confident that you're getting top-notch products at an affordable price.

Exceptional customer service

At our establishment, we prioritize delivering exceptional customer service to all purchasers of bulk beef. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always available to aid you in choosing the perfect cuts, addressing any inquiries you may have about our products, and guaranteeing that your preferences are met precisely.

Whether it's helping you select the right size of beef or providing advice on cooking methods for specific cuts, our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Not only do we offer high-quality beef at competitive prices, but we also go the extra mile by delivering outstanding customer service to ensure that your purchasing process is stress-free.


Why Buy Bulk Beef?

Buying bulk beef can be a savvy and cost-effective choice for meat enthusiasts. Not only does it provide a steady supply of high-quality meat, but it also supports local farmers. With options to customize cuts and packaging, purchasing in bulk offers convenience and savings in the long run.

Mountain View Meats ensures premium quality, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service for a satisfying beef-buying experience.


1. What makes grass-fed beef a better choice?

Grass-fed beef stands out because it's healthier and tastes better. It comes from cows that eat only grass, leading to leaner meat packed with essential nutrients.

2. How can I ensure the beef is safe from E.coli O157:H7 contamination?

Our butcher shop takes safety seriously by following strict procedures to reduce the risk of E.coli O157:H7, ensuring our bulk beef is both delicious and safe to enjoy.

3. Why should I consider buying beef in bulk?

Buying bulk beef saves you money, gives you control over portion sizes, and ensures you always have high-quality meat on hand for any meal.

4. Can subscribing to your newsletter benefit me when buying bulk beef?

Absolutely! When you subscribe to our newsletter, you get exclusive deals on our grass-fed bulk beef and helpful tips straight from our expert butchers.

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